Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Teeth Marks Lovers Leave
lain in bed you bite me and your teeth leave marks
shades of red upon the fresh flesh of my heart
I lick and grip you by the throat with the strength of my tongue
knowing, convicted, with my touch the lust brought undone
and we slowly sink in, to fasten each other, our nails
till, with moans and gasps, pain and pleasure impales

the scent of unbearable affection explored in the darkness
lingers in the humidity, now, of your apartment
and night air envelopes and stamps us as we sit
bruised, bathing in moonlight and stars so brightly lit
while slowly seep do the dreams once dreamt in vain
through the cracks of the truth that always remains

hazily gazing, we exhale sighs of white smoke
into the thinning night air as morning starts to choke
the last spent moments of tether, which past we went
looking at it in silence, hindsight finds us content
that time took what it and how it and when it did so
to give context to exactly this passion, in this manner, undergo

and know it otherwise I wouldn't decide or choose
for other words or actions our coalescing I'd not use
I want to continue feeling the bruises and aches that strip me,
your skin pressed to mine, your wide eyes that slice me
open and remove my vocabulary to describe
the intoxication of motivation to let you my dreams to scribe

lover, finally, you render me a waul of sublime desire
and though at this hour I'm tired, I can't yet of you tire

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