Sunday, January 24, 2010

Creeping As Dreams Let Seep

I grew to sleeping beside you,
sheathed, a couple of times a week
now as I try to close my eyes
your arms I can't help but seek
I think of your meek fingers
and how they mingle with mine
and the silence that arrives
with your breathing in no time
I try to remember when you weren't
my final thought before sleep
but it seems since our knowing,
through my dreams you perpetually seep
so you keep with me through nights
even if apart we have to be
and though distance some hinderance
each dream's nearer eventually

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Diamond For Trying

you gave me a ring
and asked we be wed
but something wasn't right

you slipped the diamond on
and I saw its weight shone
but could barely stand its sight

it didn't fit and as I looked at it,
I wondered out loud
what did it imply

and silence lingered a moment
and you hadn't spoken,
so I answered with a sigh

maybe love's like that,
you think it's perfect
and you're sure the ring will go

but sometimes you can't force it,
that's just the course of it
that you have to try to know

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Loves' Letting

to a lover, once, I mentioned
that I'll never be one to settle
I don't need feel grounded or surrounded
by company to be in fine fettle
well love's not for rent ferocious they said
and I retorted well you make it your mortgage
I'd not want to try own what can't be aquired
love's not a home it's only a voyage
well some time passed and I heard news of them
they're going to their grave in debt
and I'm not far off myself but I'm sure of all I felt
and know it was letting for lack of regret.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Love Is Nothing

do you remember love started with nothing
in that way we'd say so at those glances
we'd spy with big eyes the little somethings
that lead to leaps and taking chances

I recall how love seemed out of our grasp
when neither of us could reach out a hand
but how falling slowly is a rewarding task
it's surer than stamping out ground to stand

I recollect the etched memory of our first kiss
in the way it was mutual the future from there
the trepidation and levitation of is this
going to turn tears of whether worth it to share

did I ever tell you how your bite stung
the second time we locked lips and you pulled
I think I hid it beneath what we'd done
under the throne of responsibility and rules

like all great histories there was a war
ours fought not on hallowed but fallowed ground
then in the night desire's white flags we saw
and realised the Grail never lost to be found

so it occurs me when you reach your eyes
out to mine through what seems to be a mist
that there's still nothing's truthful lies
calling out what you can't help but insist

and it keeps me then with the feeling
of having never ceased to be falling for you
'cause in so many nothings something's revealing
there's so much concealed for us to ensue

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Always Watching, Often Waiting

it's hard to get around or over your brown eyes
the way they find and surround mine in photos

it's hard to know that you're somewhere else
and remember the way you once felt so close

in those moments just before we'd go to sleep
when love seemed to keep you through the night

and I'd wake up to see you softly watching me

with so much adoration contained in your sight

in my mind I race through these conversations

where I say to you, certain, how much you mean

to me and the way I still feel plenty for you

but they always end with I wish I'd foreseen

I have these dreams every now and then of those

hopeful, wide open, deep ocean seeking eyes

meeting with mine as the beginning and last

thing I'd see each day and contemplate the size

of our involvement had it been perhaps easier
to maintain than we'd maybe made to believe

I wonder if to me they'll always look the same

if I'll never forget everything they'd seen

sometimes I look confronted to new come lovers

and try well to pretend there's more there

than I know's the truth but it doesn't long last
it seems eventually they see in mine the despair

my restless glances back and forth between time

trying to handle its unbearable lightness

evidence of wonder of whether greatness is extant

or still to come and my uncertainty's rifeness

and though many brown eyes there are to be seen
it's less their traits that I need to be shown

rather more it's the stories that they can tell

and the affection in them accessible to know

so in those photos I guess the truth of your eyes

that I peruse and in them find time to reflect

upon's traveling down memory's waning clarity lane

awaiting it's ardence once again let intersect

and a worthy question it is whether to forget

you can or should try to a once love's eyes

is it best remember what you kept as happy

or pursue the ephemeral with better yet's surmise?

other people waiting

we're not strangers anymore