Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Clock Knows Only To Take

he ran fast, with a guitar he couldn't play and a heart hard to contain
panting, arriving at the station, the timetable berating him too late
he galanted down to the platform and it turned out the train never came
then in eager chase a calming wind caught up to him as he sat to wait
and on it's fresh breath the just left scent of her final hug remained
and it played clearly in his memory the extent their hold had to say
standing there in dim lit night a length of time stretched so straight
the only words between them spoken; note of the longest ever embrace
wistfully, he wondered if there'd ever be a way to lock away such place
eventually upon the train, at his seat, the window reflected his face
and the tinted evidence returned to say that the clock knows only to take

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