Monday, November 30, 2009

Missing In The Big City

it's finally night time in the big city
and as a quiet rain gently begins to fall

a lover sighs looking up into the wet
and at their other, tired thoughts stall

a homeless man makes a cardboard box bed

and fills it with the nothing he owns
nearby an empty can clanks and rolls
in the distance a truck exhaust groans

a man on holiday wishes he was home

knowing the warmth of his woman's arms

many miles apart living a conviction
a girl wistfully gives wind to her heart

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Of Course Remorse

my days
are all coffee stains
and cigarettes
and beer
and in this murkyness
why you left
with every drink
becomes more clear

it's a hurtful mess
surrounding me
that I know
you had to leave
but I grieve you
and the relief you
gave me
and earlier my mistakes
I wish I'd percieved

now all's left
is empty bottles
I thought I could pour
some soul out of
but the feeling
as my pockets
empty of change
and I know
what I need's
too great a cost

if I ask you
even if you
remind me
of my sins
can you share my load
it's difficult
this road
though I know not
what you chose
but your heart'd
go well sowed

the fragile earth
of my desperation
and I'd give recourse
and remorse
you're owed
just to be taken
into your home
a guest to rest
with hope reside
where love's confessed
and can abide

A Carriage Of Marriage

you married me to your hand
and divorced me from your sight
you led me blindly with no plan
just ahead with wistful plight

and I knew not to feel any better
or inclination for more
because I too was looking for a past love
and through you to tie the score

we bound each other fruitfully
to the future hope of redress
and found a way to live for love
fowarded from a previous address

yes, now the only mail we get
is sent from despair to hope
it's safe to say you can make closeness
and care well enough to cloak

and now, though our marriage is just
a carriage for memory to ride,
it strikes me just the same as other people's;
a convenient way to forget and lie.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Morning Procession's Warming Confession

I woke up this morning,
in warmth, lain next to you
and bathed in the feeling
of my small bed resting two
as morning light consumed
in procession through the room
I couldn't help but feel
the day moving all too soon

looking in arousal at you;
your eyes so wide and pretty
the certainty of your affection,
like an arrow pierced me
though the pain I felt
wasn't brazen or discomforting
on the contrary it only dwelled
in my chest as love or something

your smile spoke good morning,
your soft hands said, 'I want you'
your eyes read like a story
of there no desire left to choose
I smiled back to affirm that
I knew so and requited
with confidence then locked eyes
to yours knowing you'd find it

we lay there, silent, just gazing
at each other for awhile
so smitten at the length of
what our intentions compile
and though soon then the inevitable
commence of day did ensue
I was surely most content
to get to wake to it with you

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Exit Etiquette

there's dignity in the honesty to say that now no more
do I love you and it nags me a feeling I can't ignore
it's realistic to sit at a mirror and in morn tell then
your lover that it's over but I never thought of when
and there's admiration aplenty to not instinctively
devalue with conclusion in together's exit; history
and as some others do, to feel inadequacy or spite
I think to tell yourself the truth is; no one's got 20/20 sight
when it comes to the road the heart leads from another
and just as sunset for sunrise shouldn't leave time in wonder

other people waiting

we're not strangers anymore