Thursday, November 12, 2009

Of Course Remorse

my days
are all coffee stains
and cigarettes
and beer
and in this murkyness
why you left
with every drink
becomes more clear

it's a hurtful mess
surrounding me
that I know
you had to leave
but I grieve you
and the relief you
gave me
and earlier my mistakes
I wish I'd percieved

now all's left
is empty bottles
I thought I could pour
some soul out of
but the feeling
as my pockets
empty of change
and I know
what I need's
too great a cost

if I ask you
even if you
remind me
of my sins
can you share my load
it's difficult
this road
though I know not
what you chose
but your heart'd
go well sowed

the fragile earth
of my desperation
and I'd give recourse
and remorse
you're owed
just to be taken
into your home
a guest to rest
with hope reside
where love's confessed
and can abide

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