Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Ash Of Your Passion

all the cigarettes;
conduits on your balcony
and sipping tea with them,
gently you immerse me
in ash of your passion,
soft so I can't dust
and fleeing inhibitions
falling under lust

it's warm the blanket of
your legs seated on mine
hours escape though we're
so aware the time
but still awake with you's
more the kind of dream
I live to stay up for
and rather let the moon sleep

there's a peace and calm
in our love's dessert
a little piece of cake
we take like we deserve
a moment of luxury
some would say heart's cosset
a content that gushes from
hope's wide open faucet

when finally we retire
to each other's arms
and disarmed from the day
awake's the only harm
the calm that settles from
your final look at me
is a lullaby that I
close my eyes at to see

and it's so sublime
to rise next to your lips
to be met by your
affection's purt morning kiss
I smile with an ardence
that awaits be benighted
and you just stare right back
locked eyes at me in silence

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