Thursday, October 29, 2009

There's No Consolation Like Coffee

your eyes cast down
I put my fingers to your chin
and as deep you sighed
breathed your anxiety in
and though all inside
pent-up could not be still
your despair still faced
my embrace's steadfast will

I held you in silence
consoling words not needed
and just let my hug
of understanding speak it
I know, I know
I whispered soft to you
it's taxing at times
what life seems let accrue

at least if nothing left
you'll never cease have me
and for your happiness
and smile my strive'll always be
and at that what was left
other than cups of coffee
and a couple of cigarettes
and not let be forgot it

a heavy slice of warm
sticky date pudding with cream
exactly the way I allocate
you and I my favourite dream
where you and I remain
and we stay young and handsome
and tip our heads back together
keeping life's best at ransom

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