Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Robber Of What To Forget

I find the fondness that you follow
me for so full that I choke to swallow

I wish myself more hollow to take
your affection but it tastes of mistake

awake you won't dissipate from mind

asleep you don't hesitate to remind

dreams seem filled with blind passion

where you wear me like I'm in fashion

I don't appease any other than you

why'm I pleased to know not to do?

this reckless you won't let me or try

to exit when our only kiss's goodbye

sigh, sigh: we say the same but mean

different; you placate; I demean

deem uncomfortable a continuation

I do of our comforting situation

but such helpless for so long duration

is part of the known your and my aging

it may not be parted, Lover, with yet
but bond of our glue is becoming unset

and yes, you know to rob me of what to forget

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