Monday, May 18, 2009

Truth's Future Immures

lit; lover's bedtime lead cigarettes
cast silhouettes on a rendered wall
and all their exhaled smoke rises
to the stars climbing in thick waul

as perched as sparkles they glisten
and she listens to the beat of his heart
which hastens claim for what he hates
will shine though apart when he departs

tired; their loaded eyes hold sleep dust
as lust their kept open only retention
slowly, whilst night dissolves to dream
heart's confession their resolved abstention

words edge to their lips in fumbled tumble
and pause hesitant before whispered
as what they failed to say turns instead
words not mentioned intentions with kissing

imbibed in moonlight their final drags echo
their together warmth spent hands clasp
and balmy they slip, tip-toeing the steps
to the tether of the becoming swift past

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