Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not For Intoxication

for what's not connection
I know is chemistry
and for what's not letting grow
is an alcoholic memory
for what happened last night
sorry's not the right word
for what you let me show you
there's no lifetime that'll wipe away the hurt

intoxication's just a cheap excuse
for what you said you would do then didn't
not that I want any resolve other than
my stopping having to otherwise insist
take your tone now for example
it's sample you're great at looping
so much so that I don't know
what's spoken whether truth or fable

you found me the morning after
with tact I give you that
but the words you write as paper's thin
don't hold long intact
it's vicious how limitless your fingers
get behind those keys
as you tap away not looking down
do your eyes of the fight you give even see

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