Thursday, December 4, 2008

Justice Is Luck's Brother

for all trying I can't get excited
about anything or anyone lately
let alone the puffs of smoke
that with need of nicotine I'm inhaling

and at impale with your words
my heart knows to weep
because it fails all my attempts
to hold near, safe and keep

the feelings that you're finding
in the arms of another
so similar and compatible
I wonder soul mate or lover

Justice is only brother
to Luck and Co-incidence
and it seems life is spent
awaiting that very instance

the moment of love's knowing
is worth every owning
and banking under lock and key
in the deepest part of your heart's memory

because it's at risk of being robbed
by life's cynical walk
and the way we write lyrics
and listen to songs and then talk

with wistful wonder at love's plunder
only to wind up empty in palms
and face each other outstretched
with the lengths of our arms

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