Friday, December 19, 2008

You Had Your Chance, But I'm Too Good For Goodbye

I find there's a familiar despise
in her greeting of squinted pretty eyes
and pity on her bitter breathe
when with a 'hi' she indiscreetly sighs
and I detect subtle fury in her tone
of conversation when she lies she's let go
and has ceased to let show any care

see, lately I have all too well fared
and perhaps that's to her surprise
since before us, as dust into thin air
did vanish the love we once shared
but with this meeting; her evidently,
not so well I can tell she has been
'cause what I read behind the screen
of her hate is refund of the lines

I screamed out loud when she said
there's nothing left to be felt
and content now my vengeful smile
returns that hurt she once dealt
and though be wicked I seethe
and knowingly so for it glee
I'm finally satisfied at how she
stumbles to correlate the way
we broke up with the possibility:

I'd better make for myself,
of my future and new love life
for her eyes have no foresight
only colour blind and hind prevails
and the places my heart and mind
now reside in are more the righteous
so with pride as I turn to leave
I give her one fleeting last glance
but so far unlike all my others
this one's for 'you had your chance'

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