Monday, December 29, 2008

My Nightmare's End Is Your Exit

I was dreaming that we had broken up
then I awoke and I was that exactly alone
I sleepily aroused to remember the truth
that I'm subject to this nightmare on my own

you don't want me and I don't understand
we have been okay, good even, for ages
you know I was there for you; supportive
held you through all of your crazy stages

why are you doing this to me, let alone now?
your timing is despicable yet impeccable
your saying this makes me want to hate you
but I can't fake the feeling and you can tell

and that's the worst part of separation I guess
I only hope to wish I can impose you my pain
you gave up me and what you know is a future
apparently as you claimed; to stay sane

take time, find yourself, working something out
well it's all bullshit and you know no doubt
you could have worked it out with my help
now you've got nothing for us to show sound

I'm listless, I feel crippled and detached
I'm watching the life I've had collapse around me
but I'm lacking vision from within my body
it's distant and from the outside that I see

you think that you're special, exemplary
like not I or anyone else ever has doubts
well I'll give you the time away from me
you obviously need to work out what it's all about

being friends I don't think is a good idea
you're comfort is too much to endure
I can't stop missing our closeness and comfort
and not one of your sorrys is close to a cure

with this final; let me alone, just let me be
I'll move on without you, I know I must
you've proven time and over and again
I can't give you even a token of heart's trust

I hope that you can find whatever it is
that you or your life feels so lost without
you'll regret losing me for all of your life
you had your chance, now take your bow

through the good and bad but together
is how you've chosen not to be in this exit
there's no words left to say but please leave
shut the door and from you I'm set me free

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