Thursday, December 4, 2008

We Spiralled Right Out Of Control

I love the words
I choose to use
to describe your use of me

low and behold
for all that I told
myself of our love I see

now left alone
more cold and closed
than ever, we're no possibility

and sting it does
the blind man's eyes
the images from which
he can't shake free

no sleep will save me
from the dreams I have
of you and I in the way
we used to be

not for need of closure
but more a rope to pull me
out of this time lapse
to which I heed

I despise to imagine
often the Summer days
hot, upon which we'd
decide to meet

you wearing a dress
myself in black tie attire
hand in hand towards water
bent to the gentle breeze

now be it days or years
before you realise
the ways which we made
our time sparse

for what we shared
and showed in pounds of care
we should've strived
to make longer last

but at last we caved
and saved what we could
of a relationship
best left as an ending

instead of mending with thread
only to know would come lose
we now bare rags and as homeless
carry bags filled with tokens

of better days and love's memories
and love letters we meant to send
but never will

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