Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Day, Another Train Ride

wake up, change

short roads
caught unaware the cold
deceptive skies outside
morning's window

cigarette, coffee
not allowed inside till five
step outside and whistle
air crisp such does to feel alive

station shopping
a basement of two levels
eleven other floors, people revel
endless consumerist pleasure

myself wandering
days spent getting lost
hours searching where to eat
scouring shops for less cost

train ride
rows of three, sit side by side
I take the seat at the aisle
rest my coat, smoke alight

departing Kyoto
Shinkansen train speed swift
stranger, I lean to tell her
of my journey this far and my disbelief

language barrier
makes me say what's unknown
to all but my inner conscience
until tears become my tone

so alone
and traveling further away
from home to try and grow
new wings for aging days

lacking preparation
I hope only to gain answers
and so much rains upon my resting
washing a haze of every plan

wishing persistently
for getting back to you
because already I have to tell
of why I don't want to do

this anymore
ignoring our feelings- dormant
in our hearts to say
makes slaves of our undercurrent prayers

prisoner lovers
we won't abdicate disinterest's jail
still wail in the cold of the night
and so for actions intentions fail

disappear eventually
as this train as thought into the distance
separating my dreams from real instance
in Hiroshima I awake

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other people waiting

we're not strangers anymore