Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Snow's White's Stained & Staircases I'm Gonna Climb

So, I step outside and the snow's white is stained by the flat soles of my leather shoes. Trampled and broken underneath my weight, I take a moment to associate the fact again, that I am in Japan.

Trying to stop from slipping, I light a smoke and place my mini laptop on the ground to listen to the sounds of Bob Dylan strumming and rocking 'Like A Rolling Stone' and strangers continue to blow in to this place with new faces that all say the same thing: they want to get warm and didn't seem warned enough of the cold that flows through the streets of Sapporo in the winter.

Then, my eyes find the tire marks on the road that are brown like a coffee stain that leads well and truly away from everything I see and more ever this all seems unknown.

Wandering gaze, I keep consistent distraction with Japan's staircases. All these apartment buildings that rise up into the sky and are so clean that they gleam like stars in a sky that's white. I'm unsure my such fixation on the patterns the stairs create but it makes me feel a kind of amazed to just spend hours gazing at them. The patterns of straight lines and the diagonals and shapes are so rigid and fixed that maybe it's just a notion of wishing to climb. For it occurs me that we're all just trying to climb, ascend a little higher than our ever aware position.

So today I think I've made my plans just to climb rather than stand. And even though I must come down I'll take time to look around from the view of these archaic stars. And feel a little higher and continue gazing, feeling more and more alight and alright.

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