Friday, January 23, 2009

Smoke Rings Float Slow In Kyoto

light tepid steps
to where the air is still
let me in slow, so the smoke rings float
and night fallen swift
so I am a spirit
in the heart of here Kyoto
down some stairs
laid discreet bares a cafe
of ladies in the downtown area
I meet bartender Noda
and drink it black with care
to taste it and take photos

the room is small,
all in all five-by-five
with decor sewn in velour
crimson red and ivory doily,
crystal ashtrays, china cups
makes charming of this diner brew
you are not with me in this moment
but I sip and choke to think of you
yes, though skies grey
and tomorrow be blue,
I go home wishing of my hope you knew

to return to love you
and burn for us as I do these roads
but the wait I cannot ask
either my own heart or yours
I don't know when
I'll be ready to leave,
see this place gives only pleasure when I dine alone

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