Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blueberry Pie Don't Cry

I was wondering whether the message I sent you made you cry
and it's the time difference between us that makes me so sigh
because I didn't want to have this discussion with this distance
I'd rather to have seen you or conversed via the internet or ring you

to say I guessed you'd eventually have questioned us I'd lie
rather to tell a truth I knew from the start you'd soon inquire
and sweetie, know I held my imagination from any answer
till tonight when you asked and I had to bite the bullet and face the fact

that I can't hide I don't want a relation caged to a long term
I'm like a worm who's blind and forever and of their home in search
I don't want to say or give you prayer of hope that I'm secure
but believe me I didn't intend to lure I just liked you as a truth

and I know you liked me back for your shy requite that I hold to
but for like dear, I can't write a term and it's ease to turn cold to
I know because despise is the charge such magnetic switch finds
it's no one's fault just the time we shared before unlocking reality's vault

though so far apart and even if not my place or heart to lend
I wish I could comfort and make you believe it was all part and pretend
but I can't and you'd never take that bait as your sincerity's not fake
I feel you really did take whatever you could to share me an aim

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