Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let's Get Behind Your Lens

let's meet to get behind your lens to see
my shape with yours from your sharp eyes
and size myself relative to what lies
in your avid lust at my trying disguise
your face takes shape of a regular night
in my relentlessly curious mind
and I find my thoughts often with you
and in wonder of with me what you'd do

tonight your eyes arrived hid behind
those Ray Bans on the Glen Waverley line
at the station I posed for ten minutes before
and eagerly awaited those open carriage doors
then with earphones adorned you stood out
and for your company I had no need to tout
coffee and cigarettes now a pillar of our time
with satisfaction in what less needs be defined

walk the line of the tracks backwards to norm
watching our shadows on the pavement take form
of the dark you exclaimed, why'd I not make a move
I replied, fuck it, light or not kiss me, I'm into you
and with the slow steps back to the end of the line
our arms around each other, last cigarette, goodbye
and then silence but my heightened heart's beat
and inhibitions for experience soon learn defeat

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