Sunday, February 15, 2009

Curiosity Is Nicotine In My Veins

how did I give to meet you on Valentines Day?
and how did I feel the casual inclination to stay?
strange meetings of people see me dictate my fate
and still for the trying, manage to encounter mistakes
and the kind that take me by surprise but for the best
and put my doubt of fate and thought of coincidence to the test

the rest of the feeling is I know not how to flirt with your kind
and for the other I'm aware of, but you I'm unclear how to mind
and inside your mind, uncharted, I can't imagine to be
and which your particular interest I haven't history to see
but without history there's still not exemption of experience
and my curiosity is nicotine in my veins for it's permeance

my view is mind's eye open to love being learned
I'm not convinced physical limitations solely control who you yearn
I'd insist that a turn of events can set free a lust
of what previously wasn't instinct but now you must trust
my imagination won't switch off what I've always daydreamed
but thoughts of you and me and your body it now deems

what the heart wants I can't express or describe
whether you or clearer view of self I'm not sure what I'm trying to find
but who's to say either is wrong or betrayal of truth
evident however, is both are spurred by a quest for the new
you don't seem to realise I'm talking and looking at you
with eyes sizing you a match for me framing what to do

as a virgin to this dispersion of feelings I'm left
with a repetition of your picture and name in my head
will it end or subside or dissolve for further strive?
or gain speed and by the hand lead to another fork in the road of life?
I'm in the dark and the road's unknown so be my guide
some things I won't ask, I must be shown the left from right

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