Friday, February 20, 2009

So Far So Close My Hostess

you're a hostess so it's hard to tell
if you're genuine or false
but I assure you of this Satako
job or not my hope you indulge
on holiday or otherwise
I never thought I'd fall here in Sapporo
but I assure you of this Satako
I'd move here before Kyoto
just so I could get to know you,
just to get to dance it slow
and then pick it up a tempo
and to as you say feel one from the heart
oh, I love the feeling of the start
and it's my ailment since we must depart
my last night here and such hope's clear
since I don't meet girls like you back home
and this is the first time
I've listened to the music and not felt alone
oh new, but close Satako

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