Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Afterwards, I Kept You In My Arms

afterwards, in my arms, I held you near me through the night
stirring, I felt you shiver, as in your quivered sleep you cried
and in the full moon lighting finding a fighting urge to wake you
I gently whispered your name and over as a lover ought to
until soon enough with my cooing you grew steady again
and it was the last occasion when my intent I could defend

and Tegan, know I'm sure that, I'll always remember when
that mid-summer evening, wreathing, together was spent
sleeping in your bedroom with the street faced windows open
the breeze through them singing with an affection softly, slowly
and the sheets crumpled at our feet, lain on blankets underneath
with only humid temperature and our skin touching to sheath

and leaving, the moment of dawn, as I walked out your front door
recalling that morning, a wave of feeling hit me without warning
for my caution letting down I found myself saying out loud
gazing upwards at your window, girl I'm fond of you, no need tout
and my doubt was lessened in that brief second by the evening passed
and aroused became my beckoning hope to see how long it'd last

you finally asked so I decided answer it, trying to remain cryptic
and for the inquisition I packed away all interest and mystery
it was something about the way you and I both with ease requited
with a feat that completely defeated a usual disposition of spite
of the other's quite felt not need hidden spiraling silently life
and oh, with recollection, to've maintained such mutual strive

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