Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Sleep Makes Seem Reasonable

night welcomes her with open arms
from an empty day once filled with harm
others don't know what they've done
to the care they caused his heart to shun

she awoke to find her head rested asleep
on the desk at her computer screen
awaiting his call or appearing online
having lost track of time for drinking too much wine

a trail of gossip leads split two's time
one will speed ahead the other flail behind
love doesn't blossom when winter won't heed
and like a splinter it kills but doesn't bleed

but what one who shrivels at words unconfirmed
to watch from a distance another yearn?
friends hope to her; given space he'll change
but the mind's relentless when the heart speaks claim

she sleeps less lately than any I know
cause the hope and moments she wants to stow
she's of no persuasion of his treatment
than it was just despite her obvious bereavement

she's trying to see an end result
without blame but love always knows fault
her pain is vaults of keenness unrequited
and oh, if to've been equipped foresighted

she sleeps to dream of when all was good
and to escape the should and could and would
takes refuge in imagination's hunger
nightly fighting to turn time's hands back younger

he, well he's a desert's oasis mirage
pretty and lusting, so still the lies pass
no refreshment or saturation is within grasp
so fiction her instinct begs of to ask

with answers of plans where imbroglio are cast

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