Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dark Land Of The Done

with sincerity,
there's plenty
of things about which I won't lie
whether feelings
or instincts
or tired moments in time
flattery I intended
but with intentions
of friendship only
we've shared disposition
on knowledge
but don't discount strive of knowing
I think you fear too much,
but for you or I
I can't discern
and what from written words
without discussion can you learn?
don't determine
to be a stranger,
it would be a tragedy
and pain me
for being taken away by feelings,
the then taking of them's an aching
you made me realise
the cost of knowledge
is sometimes high
and in ascending so
it gets me low
but still, I'll be alright
cause of more ways to skin a cat
and in addition
forever new souls to acquire
I'll stay sad a while
at maintenance of your distance
but find others to replace you in time
lines from a song strummed
and struck me true
you left me in the dark land of the sun
and a chorus of
standing alone in a doorway
to spend my life waiting,
growing old whilst young

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other people waiting

we're not strangers anymore