Monday, March 9, 2009

It Never Ends With Sense

it assumed a brief drift of new perfume
that you grew and claimed to always wear
and it soon became and will always stay
the way that I know you as I knew you then

as a soft summer aroma in small doses
of intoxication to and through my nose
that spoke a promise of getting closer
as I learnt to live all for what it owed

how young I were and how I lusted
after you for what it's sense turned on
yearning coupled with infatuating
you became exemplary before too long

heightened by the striking of your smell
was my hunger ravishing to take you
when all I's let was a kiss upon your neck
and you kept your lips to earn my due

rue I did at times your games and tease
I could not play by the rules to save
soon enough I broke and made my move
and dug my romantic endeavor's grave

now when I catch again upon a breeze
towards the end of summer that scent
it sends crazy and by passion takes me
and I remember everything we meant

promise of staying in bed when plenty on
and never ceasing to be consumed
by the other and their senses melding
and believing this dream never conclude

but as the perfume becomes familiar
lost in the air and smells of the street
I look around expecting you to've found
me again but find it just my memory that's leaked

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