Friday, March 20, 2009


flustered, she came to me on coloured wings
and uttered things about love and rings
and singing wistfully of her lost unicorn
and the cost of trying to steal it's horn
she said despite the warning given
of falling and calling it hers she insisted
attempting to find it and make it hers
but it was set upon freedom not to be deterred
and when she left she was of a plot
to follow the unicorn with all she's got
across the plains and seas and skies
the unicorn is love and the horn her prize
striving to attain she spoke over her shoulder
of hope I'll gain that little closer I told her
well godspeed to you if your freedom's such cage
with good fortune your endevour will tether your age
I watched the unicorn upon the clouds bound
into the distance her cry a shying sound
but the echo did last in my ears of her plea
unicorn, my love, what'll my years be till free

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