Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Chemistry Question

you looked at me and said,

      "I'm quitting them."

I paused for a second and replied,

      "well then,
      what hope's for you and I to begin?"

you smiled knowingly and mouthed,

      "only to end..."

I cried,

      "this isn't fair!?"

and again you were there
with a hardly gentle thought,

      "this is how it tends to be,
      don't you see for fate's direction has no mend
      it just lends to despair: your continuing to care
      for all life's unfair; that's us, our burden to bare"

in one final dare I questioned our chemistry
you didn't say straight away but resolved eventually,

      "there's no meant to be...
      or in between...
      so stop excepting anything but my friendship."

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