Friday, September 19, 2008

I Look Forward Because You Won't Backwards

It wasn't all that long ago...

I remember like yesterday; you slipping into a dark cold night. Departing on uneasy terms, as you swiveled to turn you gripped your car keys tight. Eager to leave behind the scene set cinematic. It would have been a romantic-happy-ending if faded to black two minutes before.

Watching your words stall in your throat I already knew your hesitation to explore the feelings plucked from thin air as our lips ripped our unguarded hearts through lust's trap door. Falling was all I could do once you touched me though. There was no floor to land on and you abandoned my outstretched hand, afraid of the unknown.

Jaded and wilted now is my motivation to uncage and befriend what you picked the lock of and unlatched. When I embrace my imagination it's daydream travel that makes me face the obvious fact that your heart is strung to another. And though your mind set seems at times part scattered, I know you're tied like guilt's marionette puppet and all my hope's no lure worth casting in the matter.

I trial and trouble often as I see you; to maintain my smile, decency and stern distance. I'm painstaking, lying, trying so hard for your convenience and weeks have passed pretending that there was no spark in that instance between us.

From now on I look forward since you won't backwards and stay keen eagle eyed for another chance. When you look up at me from behind that espresso machine I return your glances with a gaze I lay as one would a spell; cosseting the thought of you and I together again.

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