Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dearest Duncan

I do not believe in destiny or that 'meant to be' exists
however; best and great friends is a fate we make to persist

we've a bind that aptly knows what to take and what to give
and a consistent satisfaction in sharing what it means to live

it grips us determined and tightly; the awareness of life and death
we both strive so like-minded for the value of every breath

I've not known another to meet my patterns of thinking so concisely
if there's such thing you're it; my soul mate, I love you precisely


when I need you there's no tiring asking
or too hard a question or too imposing a task
as always will be, the most that matters
is you know to me what and who you are

how far I'd reach, how long I'd drive
how many continents over which, I'd fly
so in an instance I could remind
you that there's no expense I would not spend
to give of myself and my time, of my heart or a piece of my mind

remembering back Sunday school is where we met
and who'd have thought for it's course this it would set
so in debt I guess I'm grateful for our lives together
though close we only became through addiction to similar pleasures

our history and friendship is the solid that I know
and for the strength of it not a thing can overthrow
and without you my world and I would have little to show
for the vault that my heart is within it's walls you and I and this are stowed

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