Saturday, September 6, 2008

Love's Smudged Grey Lead Letters

my heart's in crisis litigation
with a barred romantic license
this end's a surprise most surreal
and despite my head full of thought
this separation leaves me empty of all to feel

as my meaning to you; you slowly peel
and pry away sees this remuneration deal
as grey lead writing on our papers
tired erasure turns the thick, white pages
smudge lines of stained soft haze

as these days blur and I lose myself
I realise with this situation I've poorly dealt
I'm repelling all instincts to move on
finding the demon inside me gives good reason
to break down my picture of us

but his prong stabs sharp with pain and longing

and watching you with him I know
you've forgotten me and everything
and through the slots of the bars of my heart
you're slipping past, dripping ever so slow

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