Saturday, September 27, 2008

Don't Wait Till I'm Asleep

don't wait till I'm asleep to come and say goodnight
please give me your kiss while I'm conscious
hold me, so I can feel your arms around me tight
I want you beneath the covers to keep me warm

it's always late when you finally come to bed
I don't mind most night's but just this once
I need you nearer than in my sleepy, dreamy head
I need an embrace or till I drift off your light touch

don't close the door completely, leave it a crack
it helps me count the sheep; the hallway's soft noise
in the darkness I can't sleep, my confidence lacks
it's comforting to hear your undistinguished voice

oh, just tonight I want you to fall and wake beside
it's not like other time's, Cold's got me lonelier
sleeping without you I dream of us side by side
please... don't wait till I'm asleep to say goodnight

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