Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Your Company

On another occasion drinking at the Gaslight Bar in Kowloon I met a very sophisticated Chinese lady, who came alone to the bar. She had just quarreled with her husband at a tea party for the rich. She was so furious she decided to see what the Gaslight Bar was like, because her husband was a regular patron. I was having my usual Dimple Whiskey on ice and she sat next to me at the bar and ordered a double whiskey. I was alone at that time so I asked the bar steward to pour her a double from my bottle of Dimple. Where ever I went I always had my own bottle.

She was good company and could really hold her liquor. When it was nearly approaching midnight I reminded her she had to catch the STN Ferry back to H.K. Island. She insisted on staying because she wanted to teach her husband a lesson and make him worry over her for a change. After a night of drinking and dancing we finished up at my hotel room. She insisted on sharing the room with me, even though I offered to get her another room. We both had a lot to drink and went to sleep on our respective beds. The next day I had to leave for a 9:30am appointment with a local dentist. I left a note to thank her for her company and wished her well. When I returned to my room that evening I found a set of gold cuff links in the letter 'J' and a short note of thanks for 'looking after a lady in distress'

I still have the cuff links till today.

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