Sunday, November 30, 2008


long distance call
drops in from Paris
she's there with friends
it's twelve AM
and Winter

I remark excitedly
I miss her
wishing I had wings
to fly there
sit for a moment with me
hello and a hug
from one side
of the world
to the other

The Eiffel tower
she tells me she
and I imagine the view
through her
but my thought is
more than the world's view
I want right now
that of you

I'm getting to be
a great painter lately
my technique
with my mind's eye brush
stroke and layers
are slowly perfecting

the longer and longer
the fonder I grow
of the coloured stains
and drips
still wet on the insides
of my eyelids

and I can't wait
to show
you everything that I've
dreamed of and about
you and I
Evie, can you hear me?
an echo just below

the beat of your heart
and the melody
of Paris
humming softly a tune
I miss you

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