Monday, August 11, 2008

Bitter, Midweek, Midwinter Weather

a young couple coalesced by the season to lovers
lie together; clutched tightly, cuddled close to each other
as they hold up in hiding beneath the sleep stained covers
they welcome the morning by warming up one another
insulated in their familiar abode of pillows and sheets
their sleepy eyes meet with a greeting that says this is nice

all is still to the looming sleet of snowing work hours
that buries them in obligations of leaving the house
but held within the bitter, midweek, midwinter weather
stays the undefeated fight by those inclinations for better
to stay indoors where the heat rises from old ducted vents
embracing that not quite awake of comfort's reluctance

the world moves on and the rain on the roof continues it's patter
contained within the walls and held by the ceiling is everything that matters

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