Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Unfairness Of Disparity Of Caring

we sat in silence whilst driving towards the city
on the south eastern freeway; headed for the station
the plan: for her to catch a V-line train from Flinders
that would take her back home to the country

the red setting glare turned my view to squinting
as I watched the time on the dashboard clock tick
keeping in mind I couldn't afford making her late
but days like this for a while I have been missing

bend by bend we looked upon an orange horizon
the understanding mutual between us of keeping quiet
whilst we were silent the radio -turned up- played
and we soaked in the setting sun of another Sunday

during the ride I decided to try and recollect
the events of the last two and current weekends
thinking of the fun we had but what message I'd sent
wondering how this came about for such lack of intent

neither of us mentioned of our obvious thinking
about how far this kissing interest may run
or dared to state the evolving, complex nature
of what late last night and this morning was done

after parking the car I walked her up those steps
and we laughed at our final kiss and the awkwardness
said our goodbyes, farewells and I left her there
when she realised she'd cared more than me, I was aware;

in her heart and mind our departure would seem unfair
and for me: I might not find such niceness and honesty again

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