Friday, August 29, 2008

The Evening Tide

upon last night's goodbye I turned around to wave
but you had already taken yourself swiftly inside
and finally I was sure our love had slipped away
like a message in a bottle thrown with hope to the evening tide

now the delicate lengths of your arms towards me
are no longer open, bared wide and outstretched
the once desire inspiring idea of your lips on mine
a thought that riddles me bitter cold and seems far fetched

I wished silently that once between us great things
to be finally put right didn't have to come to an end
I cry through nights how if only some care and attention
with consideration to our relationship you'd lent

without regret I guess we must resign to grow older
more different, apart and take it in stride to find it harder
how cliched it sounds, never-the-less the memory overwhelms
of the time where for awhile in your palms you held my heart

as I watched myself in the waves watch the bottle wash out
I comprised of excitement, wistful thought and tired doubt
what lies ahead, what near or distant shores unexplored lay?
and if one recovered our message of our love what would it say?

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