Saturday, August 30, 2008

Victim Of Thinking Of You

I was victim to thinking of you earlier today
consistent with the way I'm plagued by every day
in the same wistful fashion my memory disintegrates
and I can't recall why this distance we decided to instigate
the greatness of the saint I made you daily proliferates
and you remain the benchmark of every relation I make

mistakes are a learning curve though ignorance bliss
this reunion confuses me as to why I ever did think
we could be apart and be alright and I'd so often not miss
the feeling at the start, the trouble and fight, and our final kiss
I'm sure now your taking me under your wing from the beginning
was proof and foresight of the sting this would embed at the finish

even when told and though we see it in cinema and hear it in song
there's no belief in the feeling until too late you see your wrong
I never understood how someone could feel love's harm so much
nor did I ever recognise till consumed by it being romantically stuck


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