Thursday, August 7, 2008

There Is No Exemption From Hurting

what escape is there from emotional debt
with this tired, repetitive self-resignation
what kind of life for love can held or kept
in truth or sleuth by such eternal waiting

I find I'm plagued by continually making
my conscience a hostile place by churning
and spouting out concerned, costly behaviour
instead of seeing situations with discern

is there a way to purchase exemption
from the hurt and heartache romance exerts
on these others in the process of my learning
what I don't want and haven't yet earned

I've tried both best known approaches
playing the game and honest poaching
still, no method seems better working
and no one's able to give proven coaching

I find myself waiting and taking my time
to find the person who I'll know is just right
and what I'm most afraid of is life slipping away
then when I'm done trying and debating realise

it's too late to have made up my mind

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