Monday, July 7, 2008

Hugs Are Better Than Kisses

I once used to think it not possible
that hugs could be better than kisses
but I realised they say you were missed
before or rather than I'm glad to see you
not that anyone you hug is unwelcome
just sometimes an embrace is overdue
I remember back when I was one of two
and a hug was taken or given as granted
then it seemed less valuable than her two lips
but now I'm alone it's the warm closeness I miss
my friends are kind enough to offer me
that hug I so dearly have recently needed
but as thankful as I am, it's still not the same
they've all got a reservation that's unfair to blame
truths each keeps within their arms for just one
a mutual exchange of wanting an other's love
so I continue on with my arm's opened out wide
along the way taking any one's with a soft smile
but biding with hope the return of love's hug

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