Monday, July 28, 2008

My Shy Surprise

she gives me a kiss that persists to say
I insist on good times, but goodnight
two lips and tongues that swiftly meet
pray tell; I wish it didn't have to be goodbye
slowing, she ends it with a quick peck
and sets off my delayed, shy surprise
we'd leaned in with tired, closed eyes
the week's waiting for this clearly shown
as we'd stepped outside in the cold
and left the front door open wide
both finally reaping the due display
of romantic flirting sown over two Sundays
standing on the porch caught up in the moment
we hugged and then it was suddenly over
leaving all my future inclinations hoping
in only the implications of interests growing
now, her in those pyjamas; smoking cigarettes
sitting, sipping tea I can't or don't want to forget
nor her hands on my sides and how she sighed
a hot breath as I gently put my mine to her head
and ran my fingers through the lengths of hair -
that draped down to her shoulders - with subtle care
shortly after I left she sent me a message
implying that my leaving some how didn't seem fair
I replied once I stopped driving and thinking
that if I didn't have to work I would have been there
two days on now as I look back I can say that
I knew she was going home and should have stayed
but I was afraid of ruing our time spent
that I'd ruin the moment and the message she'd get
for regret there's no cure, I should have taken a chance
and acted on instinct, neglecting all other plans
now I wonder about the upcoming weekend
and what repedation may be incurred by seeing her again
the more I think; the more I'm aware of the feelings
within me that she stirs up and I see clearly
that what I want is comfort and company, not love
but history tells me sometimes that's enough
just two people who can appreciate each other
for a time and place and not make soul mating not a must

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