Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Soaked With Sadness

there's a moment that seems slips away from me
where I know I was care free without worries
a time and place, an age to unknowingly just be
now I'm overthrown by life's endless possibilities

I long to be adrift at sea from the shore which I call Ezbon
I want to create something new I want them to all be wrong
hope never seems worth it until it becomes what I can hold
on frivolous fancies I wish I hadn't so hastily my heart sold

I told her once, twice, more than I can count on my fingers
and still it sears my dreams, her interest in me lingers
I think of the sin I commit to with every gaze towards her skin
my head tumble dries all our wrongs and rights
and still soaked; for our truth I must wring

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