Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Trying To Know You Both Gave Me Pneumonia

I've come down with a case of pneumonia
you two took a lung each as I breathed you in
our conversations were contagious and took over
you infected my respiratory system
enticed me and my addiction insisted
convincing me I'd continue to feel valued
if my interest I repeatedly, freely gave you
instead as I let my honest heart speak serious
you dismissed me and conditioned me as delirious
I cannot laugh now without a cough
this plague is what trying to know you costs
I'd confide to you insights of my life in hot breath
but the back and forth of warm and cold
confused any immunity beneath my breast
and infection swept across the depth of my chest
now all the words from your mouths are
a bitter wind that plows right through my clothes
imposing on any supposing getting better
I go to the doctor to ask for prescription drugs
he kindly writes me the papers for the right dose
seeing the damage of your hurt on my face shows
up as grey half moons either side of a pale nose
he says the hate will eventually heal, though
the scarring of your care you'll bare all your days

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