Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Razor Rider Lady

today there's
a razor of a lady
motorcycle rider

who pulls up
right behind me
on a hot silver Honda

she parks at the curb
and swiftly steps off it
an urban princess dressed
in a black leather outfit

all tight with high boots
and busting from a jacket

concealing her sharp figure
behind thick steel zippers

and as it is
with most of these bikies
she's all too indicative

that she knows time and's
fervently so
interested in living!

'cause not only
does she show
a groove for that bike

but she struts that pavement
to take a seat outside

ties her hair back and rests;
slips on sunglasses

purses her fingers
to a cigarette
and asks for a light

from the waiter
who takes this
all in with a smile

knowing just as I'm thinking;
that, yeah
this bikie's alright!

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