Sunday, July 13, 2008

Soft Lips And Costly Kissing

I remember her quick, hot breath in the split instance
she whispered to me through a sigh 'you have such soft lips'
when she withdrew I immediately rued all the inspired intimacy
of meeting with such a lustful, costly and smitten kiss

walking from the bar; our looks met and I caught her stare
then it happened again, this time though both desperately aware
of the growing situation, whilst intense could only end unfair
and I felt the grip of my resistance to her seductive gaze start to tear

there in the street, modesty lacking her lips singed with passion
and I burned with exaction as I ran my fingers through her hair
our bodies pressed against the cafe, the dark keeping us discreet
suffering intoxicated inhibitions in attraction's stark defeat

in my arms, her back was leaned up to the wall's plaster hard
for all of our hiding behind a corner from off-duty staff
desire collided with adrenaline in hope they couldn't see us
we got lost in the bliss ignorance of the most inappropriate instincts
and pushed aside all the outside lovers and factors from our thinking

since that night our once sure and comfortable staff - customer relations
have been subject to the deconstruction of unintended romantic actions
but recently written in the window of her eyes I've been receiving
a look that says: yes for one night, by those kisses I might be yours
but for past and future temptations we should repent, forget and ignore

now when I go inside the cafe to pay and we brush shoulders
I'd like to pull her aside and confide; back then I wish I'd told her
how our contexts separating in the moment opposed my hoping
but since we kissed I've been inclined to let my mind wildly roam
in wistful regret with many imaginings of a near future time
when free from disdain I can again claim her lips as mine

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