Monday, July 7, 2008

Coins & Caution

our love was the gold coin I tossed
I called heads and it first landed your favour
now I stand to cast it to the depths of a wishing well
because every flip it only lands on it's edge

how do you lovingly say, 'mine be cautious
we're letting ourselves get too complacent
not that we're lazy, we're just getting comfortable
and that's not okay if we're to aim for success'

can you have doubts and say love is honest
is loving possible minus the solemn promise
to continue to want you without care of appearance
what deliverance from the truth can wishing offer

what I hear in the ripples of the meniscus
is on a graph time and vacillation correlate
as every coin breaks the surface to sink, I ask why
do we fight the instinct to let context disaffiliate

our young age and opportunity's catalyst
for the thought that settling is early deprivation
we're too aware of time's obligation to commitment
but only consider our undertaking once enlisted

I'm not alone in throwing my change to the water
around me are many with shrapnel getting shorter
faces of worry and dismay and hearts in disorder
all contemplating how deep do these pockets reach

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