Thursday, July 17, 2008

What You Don't Know Still Hurts

I took a kiss from a girl a long time ago. I thought it might lead somewhere but it never did. It didn't bother me for long after because it wasn't free to take in any case. The kiss was stolen. Not from her - she freely gave it - but from her other. The worst part was that I knew of him and stole it anyway. But I guess, that's what makes a theft.

In some time after everyone and everything had resumed the course they were on before the intimate interruption, I found out some details that - were as all too often these kind of details are - knowing earlier might have led to an alternate course of my intentions and actions.

I wondered, what would I have done if I'd known she wanted to be with me? Wanted something more than a kiss. Something less fleeting. Something with more feeling. Would I have wanted the same? I don't think I would want those things now. Not given the time that has passed. But there's no halt for wonder.

I further pondered what might be now if I'd known of all the secret desires people had. I let each of my imaginings narrate out and think of all the different loves and lives I could have had and be. I wonder, how many secrets I don't know and who they belong to?

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