Saturday, November 15, 2008

Amplification Of Dissociation

windows' amplifier rests on my laptop screen
as I write you words and try to think what I mean
when I say we've been together and at this too long
it occurs to me I'm just writing the lyrics of the song

in my ears 'cause the tears that are the singer's voice
strumming and running; dictating my hapless choice
are as written for you and I as clearly as the author
and to you I'm bringing decision just as he brought her

the melancholy of our time post romance in flee
seems all I'm able to find in my stream of words I see
typed up glossy and prosed in my mind that you read
I'm struggling to stop clutching to the repetition of let us be

when we meet next I'll brace myself and play it for you
let you listen to the notes as tears glisten and choose
the direction for us to float 'cause I can't or won't pull away
without you feeling the same and accepting part of the blame

tame it seems to be so placid in reacting to this relation
that's abrading in such a manner like a terminal cancer patient
as one's relations to their loved one say well his run was good
I confide I feel like wise and know you and I did all we could

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