Friday, November 28, 2008

Tears And Terms Of Endearment

she pierces with terms of endearment
and tears fiercely roll down her cheek
and indeed you should fear loss of her love
but you only hear her pleading as meek

you reek with the stench of betrayal
and though you say you tried but can't
it fails all your efforts of redemption
and as she wails you can't wait to depart

heartless she says are your actions
apart you've torn with more than words
distaste and scorn is your residue
the more you ignore the surer she hurts

no for an answer happens to invoke
a promotion of the desperation so contained
in your both staying together despite all
the time you wasted of each other's tainting

now the stains on the bed and your palms
are puddles of spent love wrung to dry
under the weight of a river you're carried
floating away with lack of patience's tide

the words stumble out of your mouth
the last straw you draw to exit and rash
with your tongue you mumble goodbye
and you don't even know what you've lashed

but passion has a way of heating a moment
your tone is hard enough to break bones
...let alone to disown a heart

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