Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Often Mistake

sipping drinks she sighs,
'your cigarettes strike the back of my throat'
and I smile replying with a whisper,
'that's how they're supposed to'
she says the house red wine's too dry
and turns barnacles of her tongue
the taste buds lift up in reaction,
making drinking and discussing less fun
my eyes stray unsure of this moment
or whether maybe she thinks it's a date
I debated for over two weeks
if or not this move would be good to make

truth I tell, I just want someone
with which it's an ease to spend the night
it sells to me; someone whom I can share
mutual company with as a plight
attention and care for detail,
looks or insight I do less than Dark's silence
I want a body all night to lie next to,
who'll help me and I them pass the time
are you her? am I him? that's a conversation
though bracing I'm unable to begin
split a taxi? let's exchange numbers
'cause all before us is quick growing thin

we walk to where's a stairwell
at a car park and I climb right behind you
to bid fair well and say our goodbyes,
take care, hope I see you soon
but the descent of steps always sets
my mind afloat with romantic thought
you know I'd brought a piece of paper
with prose to show you but got caught
in the spitting rain on the way to the table,
tonight where you awaited me
and the black ink drizzled in my hands,
those words between us not meant to be

nor a future meeting, another date a mistake
'cause we're where worlds collide
you old, I young but that the least of it
we'd break for being too minds alike

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