Monday, November 17, 2008

Tick To Own Or Dispose

a friend of mine got stuck
on a decision of romance
vented and confided he's
debating taking a chance
on the possibility of a future
that either doesn't include her
or stays comfortably happy
but remains plagued by a lacking
of knowing or not what else is
there may be that he'll miss

then he hands me a list with
division written on it in columns
two sides split down the middle
headed should I own or dispose
well I then penned two ticks
cause at this only you know
whether all your intentions
you're best lay up or below
where your feelings most
head or loins you're able to stow

see what a common question
seems all of us fear to strike
like the time-line of love
has inevitable bumps rife
and we bounce and stumble
over them losing balance
until we tilt and wobble and
fall off the edge of the graph
the tall orders from friends
and expectations of depths lend
to what we value as important
and will live with though distraught

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